Like most sports equipment, darts too are manufactured by some of the top brands. Some of these brands make high-quality darts and related equipment. If you are someone looking to upgrade to a higher grade of darts or a beginner who wishes to start out with the best, the following list will be helpful. Check out any reputed online dart shop, they often supply branded darts.

Here are some of the brands to try for quality darts and related accessories:


Target is a very popular brand of darts. This company was founded in the year 2006 and has been offering high-quality darts since then. Target makes soft tip and steel tip darts. They’re popular because they have sponsored some big names in darts including world darts champion Rob Cross and 16 times darts world champion Phil Taylor.


Another well-established brand for darts with many professional sponsors is Winmau. They are very popular due to their extensive use in several tournaments. Many professional dart players swear by Winmau darts. Their dartboards are considered exceptionally well made and of high quality.


The brand Unicorn is a popular name in the world of darts. They are famous all across the globe and for good reasons. They have been manufacturing reliable quality products for over 80 years now. They specialise in focusing on important factors such as weight consistency and the materials’ quality. They are also one of the leading manufacturers of the most beautiful darts out there.


Harrows is another very popular darts brand. They are a renowned company that produces many dart products including high-quality soft tip darts, dartboards, steel tip darts and many other dart accessories. They too manufacture beautiful designer darts and their massive collection gives you many options to choose from. Harrows is sponsored by many reputed dart players during tournaments.

Buy darts manufactured by one of these brands or all, to try and figure out wish suits you the best. When shopping, make sure you only opt for dart shops that offer original brands for a safe buying experience.